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Allied Health

Staffing Plus’s management and staff collectively have over 56 years of Allied Health staffing experience and relationships.


Staffing Plus is dedicated to staffing qualified Nurses to fill a variety of facility openings including, per diem, temp-to-perm, contract assignments and direct hire positions.


At Staffing Plus, we go the extra mile to match qualified pharmacy professionals with healthcare and pharmaceutical companies.

Government Services

Staffing Plus provides experienced healthcare and administrative professionals, across a broad range of specialties, to the various agencies of the Federal Government.

HR solutions

At Staffing Plus we understand that managing the global functions of HR can be a challenge. That is where we come into play.

HR Resources


HR Resources

Staffing Plus is committed to providing relevant information and resources to our talent and clients to keep them informed on important issues.

Mental Health Parity


In 2008, the National Council for Behavioral Health brought Mental Health First Aid to the United States. Mental Health First Aid is a public education program that can help individuals across the community to understand mental illnesses, support timely intervention, and save lives. Learn more about this valuable resource and how to access it within. Download the E-book



Mental Health Parity

Best Practices: Mental Health Parity

Fully understanding Mental Health Parity & Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA) can be overwhelming, so we've prepared an overview which breaks down how this impacts your organization and when. Download the E-book



Effective Time Management

Best Practices: Effective Time Management

To help you learn how to take control over your workload, we are sharing our complimentary guide to "Best Practices: Effective Time Management Skills". Download the E-book



First Time Managers

Best Practices: Guidance for First Time Managers

To help all first time managers make this a successful transition, we are sharing our complimentary guide to 'Best Practices: Guidance for First Time Managers'. Download the E-book



Understanding FMLA and Intermittent Leave

Best Practices: Understanding FMLA and Intermittent Leave

We wanted to share our complimentary guide 'Understanding FMLA and Intermittent Leave' to help you navigate through this often confusing topic.Download the E-book



Health Insurance Marketplace

Best Practices: Health Insurance Marketplace

We wanted to remind you that October 1st is the deadline for Employers to provide Required Health Insurance Exchange Notices. We have provided further guidance on the pending "Health Insurance Marketplace" rollout and how it impacts your organization. Download the E-book


Pre-Employment Screenings

Best Practices: Pre-Employment Screenings

Did you know that according to the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), more than 50% of all resumes and applications contain false information? We wanted to share our complimentary guide "Best Practices: Pre-employment Screenings" to assist you in this endeavor.Download the E-book


HIPAA Compliance

Best Practices: HIPAA Compliance

Every HIPAA-covered entity, its business associates and their subcontractor business associates are strongly encouraged to review the 2013 Amendments, consider their implications and promptly begin working to mitigate liability risks. We wanted to share our complimentary guide "Best Practices: HIPAA Compliance in the Workplace" to assist you in this endeavor. Download the E-book


Reference Checks

Best Practices: Reference Checks

In order for the reference checking process to be effective, it is essential that it is consistent for all candidates, meets the necessary EEOC guidelines, and is not discriminatory in any way. To assist you with this, we have shared a complimentary guide "Reference Checks - More Than a Formality". Download the E-book


Social Media in Recruitment

Best Practices: Social Media in Recruitment

Are you currently using Social Media to recruit new employees and increase your brand awareness? Or are you still struggling to understand how and why you should use Social Media when recruiting? We wanted to share with you our complimentary guide "Best Practices: Social Media In Recruitment". Download the E-book


Importance of an HR Audit

Best Practices: Importance of an HR Audit

While penalties help define the risk of non-compliance and signify the importance of conducting periodic HR audits, an audit can also ensure that policies and procedures are fair and consistent across the organization and strength employee satisfaction. Download our free guide on the importance of HR audits.Download the E-book


Importance of Job Descriptions

Best Practices: The Importance of Job Descriptions

While there is no federal statute that requires them, a good job description is an important tool in the effective and legal management of any organization. We wanted to share with you our free guide. Download the E-book


Effective Onboarding Program

Best Practices: The Effective Onboarding Program

According to HCI (Human Capital Institute) an estimated 70% of new hires make the decision to stay at or leave an organization within their first six months. Download our free guide to learn more. Download the E-book


Benefits of Using a Staffing Firm

Best Practices: Benefits of Using a Staffing Firm

Staffing firms find, evaluate, and match temporary and direct hire job seekers with employers. Recruiters are highly experienced in understanding the dynamics of job seekers and employers and can skillfully identify the right match. Explore the advantages of using a staffing firm for your recruitment needs. Download the E-book


Employee Handbook Ebook

Best Practices: The Effective Employee Handbook

Your Employee Handbook can be an invaluable organizational tool, or it can be an employment lawsuit waiting to happen. In recent years, legislatures have been busy enacting laws that directly affect your Employee Handbook. Read our E-book to ensure you are complying with all the regulations. Download the E-book


I-9 Compliance and e-Verify

Best Practices: Effectively Manage Your I-9 and e-Verify Program

Download our free guide to learn more about the current climate of employee verifications and immigration laws; employer requirements that your organization should be following; and the financial risks that your organization can face. Download the E-book


Employee Engagement Ebook

Employee Engagement: It's Affect on Your Bottom Line

If you think Employee Engagement doesn't matter think again. According to the Gallup Organization, " is estimated that lost revenue from actively disengaged employees hovers near $370 billion annually. " Learn strategies to help keep your employees engaged. Download the E-book


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